Hi, I'm Michelle!

I am the lady behind the lens. I am chunky but funky and I spend way more time than I should trying to convince my family we need a camel. Fun fact, I was born and raised in Texas but my family are originally New England natives and none of my siblings were born in the same state!

I started out my photography journey as a 12 year old who used her allowance every month to buy and develop disposable cameras. My dad saw how important this was to me, so for my 15th birthday my parents took me to wal-mart and bought me my first digital camera - and it was love at first click!

In our home we have the photo bucket - it's a metal tin that houses 300 photos from our lives with missing years and no real rhyme or reason to them, and at least a dozen rolls of undeveloped film. Looking back, I think that bucket is what stemmed my love for photography and the need for organized memories. I used to spend hours just looking through that thing trying to absorb every detail. Now that my mom has made her way to heaven and those photos are all the we have left, I understand even more fully how fleeting and important memories can be!

I love photos with rich tones. I like to take perfectly composed photos of your crew, but I also like to chase your toddler and get that special photo of her smelling the wildflowers. Blooper moments are my favorite. I want you to feel memories not just see photos <3

I know with so many options available to you out in this big ol' world that it is so important to find people who jive with your personality and style. I'm so excited you're here and I can't wait to meet you!

- M

Photo Credit : Heather Francis



“We absolutely love Michelle ❤️ She’s the kindest soul and loves my baby girl. 100% recommend her for all the moments you need captured. Very quick TAT in my opinion and always exceeds all my expectations! I will use her forever 😘”